Welcome to Ballsbridge College

Our college has changed considerably in recent years in order to meet the challenges that present themselves due to the introduction of new technology in the workplace and changed economic conditions.  New programmes  have been introduced, and our facilities have been upgraded to the highest standards to meet these new demands. We have excellent computer facilities, student support services and extra curricular programmes. The college is very proud of achieving the status of a Green-Campus in 2013, becoming one of only a handful  of further and higher education institutes in Ireland to have done so.

We have always been recognised for our links with employers.  We are continuing this association by ensuring that our students have the skills that are required in the business environment today. The college has developed a very successful Erasmus+ programme which provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience in The Netherlands or Hamburg.  Students also have the opportunity to apply for an exciting entrepreneurship internship programme in Spain.

Ballsbridge College is open and welcoming and each year we have an energetic and enthusiastic group of students.  If you are a school leaver, an adult returning to education or an international student in Ireland, there is a course in the college to suit you.  There are opportunities here for everyone and I invite you to look at our courses and choose the one that suits your needs.

All our courses are certified by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and all successful students will achieve full national certification.  Join the many students who have attended the college in the past and who have used the qualifications obtained in Ballsbridge College to begin a new phase in their chosen career path.

The college is a small friendly place in a central location.  We are well served by bus, DART, and LUAS connections.  I am delighted to welcome you to any of our courses that begin in September 2023.

Ruth O’ Doherty