Green-Campus Charter

Litter and Waste Theme

Bins throughout College

Green Bin in corridors, staff room and room 22 (canteen)

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Tea/Coffee Cups/Bottles (empty and clean)
  • Packaging
  • Cans

Black bin in corridors and room 22

  • Food
  • Any other waste

Green bin in classrooms

  • Paper and Plastic

Black bin in classrooms

  • Other Waste (Food should not be in classrooms)
  • Other recyclable items
  • Mobile phones please give to a member of the committee
  • Batteries please give to a member of the committee


There are two composting bins beside the bicycle shed.  A caddy bin has been placed in room 22 (canteen) and in the staff room, collecting various materials for the compost bin.  These are emptied twice weekly.

Reusable mugs and water bottles 

  • We encourage students to use reusable mugs for drinking tea and coffee, as this will ensure we reduce waste collected from tea and coffee cups.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities are available in the college in the student canteen

Water Filter

A water filter has been installed into the canteen. All students are encouraged to refill their water bottles and are to avoid purchasing bottles of water.  This will save on money and reduce plastic waste.


Printing in classrooms

  • There is abundant signage in classrooms and corridors about using discretion when printing
  • Our Print Code requires students to ask the teacher before printing
  • Please print on both sides of the paper (instructions by printers)
  • Make sure you collect your printed work before you leave the room and pages not required should be put in the green bin.


Teachers should always print on both sides and photocopy on both sides

Outside College

If students are smoking cigarettes, they are encouraged to put the used butts in bin on wall outside the college


All classes have access to Moodle. Notes are uploaded onto Moodle thus reducing photocopying in the College.


Energy Theme 

Every Hour

Data projector off

Every Day

Lights off

Thursdays and Fridays

Computers shut down automatically


If necessary, ask a teacher to open the top windows


Travel Theme

  • Secure area to lock bikes
  • Additional bike racks were purchased in 2016 and the College invested in a new gate for added security to encourage students to travel by bike
  • Travel survey is now included in mid-year survey
  • All students are encouraged to travel in the most sustainable way they can
  • Work completed with Ballsbridge Living to promote need for Dublin Bikes to the area of Ballsbridge


Biodiversity Theme 

  • Encourage collaborative events between different class groups, Green Campus and Student Council bodies to create awareness about need for biodiversity
  • Pollinator plants in College front and back gardens
  • Create a biodiversity map of Ballsbridge College and surrounding areas
  • Develop a herb garden at the back of the College
  • Further develop the herb garden to include some easy- to- grow vegetables
  • Continue to work with Ballsbridge Living and Tidy Town’s Ballsbridge
  • Integrate the biodiversity theme into various college modules
  • Develop a link with Herbert Park allotments
  • Prepare a feasibility study about potential of a green roof