Wellbeing & Fitness Evening Courses

Yoga (Course Code: 50/51)

Hatha yoga combines physical exercises and relaxation.  The practice of yoga leads to greater flexibility and calmness, as well as promoting overall health and well-being.  Students are asked to bring their own mat.

Mindfulness (Course Code: 52) 

This course is a highly experiential 8-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and the main components are participation and commitment.  You wouldn’t expect to learn to play an instrument or a sport merely by reading a book on the subject, likewise learning to develop a meditation practice is no different than any other skill that involves both mind and body – practice is the key.  Working as part of a group helps to encourage participation, intention and a collective energy which can have a profound impact on motivation, support and inspiration.

This 8-week programme involves a blended approach that includes experiential exercises, formal meditation practices, mindfulness tips and techniques, and the realistic application of mindfulness in everyday life.


Strength and Conditioning Class – HIIT (High Intensity-Interval Training) (Course Code: 53/54)

A full body workout to target multiple muscle groups to tone muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness and build endurance.

HIIT is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity and rest. Each exercise is 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of active rest.  This increases in time as fitness levels improve.

Improve your cardio fitness and your strength in this fun exercise class for men and women, no equipment needed just water and a yoga mat.

Pilates Beginners (Course Code: 56/57/58)

If you are new to the world of Pilates or you haven´t done it for a while, this class is  for you. Pilates is a workout focusing on your core strength as well as for conditioning your full body, improving your flexibility and raising your mind & body awareness. Want lean abdominals and strong body without having to lift weights and staying in the gym for hours and hours? This is the class to join.

Pilates Improvers (Course Code: 59)

If you have already taken part in many Pilates courses before and you want to join again, this is the class to come to. Flowing from one exercise to another, this class is on a higher level and will make you feel like a superior afterwards. Join me and not only feel, but also see your body changing day by day!

Nutrition (Course Code: 55) 

This course will help participants with a personal self-assessment through body and facial diagnosis.  It will give an understanding of how old diet habits have affected present health and fitness.  An Irish eating plan, using produce grown locally or in a similar climate will be emphasised.  The body’s meridians of energy and their healing foods will be discussed.


Classes for all evening courses will be delivered onsite for the September 2022 term

The safety of our learners and staff is paramount and the College will comply with any public health measures the Government may introduce to reduce the spread of COVID 19.

Course Payment

We are pleased to inform our learners that online enrolment and payment is now possible for our evening classes. This will be available through our college website, www.ballsbridgecollege.com. Postal enrolment and payment by cheque and postal order will continue to be accepted.

There will be no enrolment evenings this term.

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