Skills to Advance

VALUING YOU – A Skills to Advance Initiative

An online upskilling opportunity for employees in the City of Dublin area.

This programme is funded through the Skills to Advance Initiative and is being delivered online by the Education and Training Boards to upskills employees in the areas of customer service, digital marketing and human resources. Read more about the Skills to Advance Scheme 2019-2021.

Employees may choose to complete one or more of the following three QQI Level 5 component awards:

Topics covered include:

Principles of Customer Service, Consumer Legislation, Customer Complaints and Compliments, Customer Service Challenges, Teamwork, Wellbeing in Customer Service.

Topics covered include:

Digital Marketing and its development, e-tools (e.g. social media marketing, blogs, rich media, email marketing, online advertising), search engine optimization, digital marketing campaign planning, e-tool analytics, market research, managing client relationships.

Topics covered include:

The role and function of Human Resources, the recruitment and selection process, the role of training and development, motivation theories and techniques, performance management strategies, health and safety and welfare facilities, grievance, discipline and conflict resolution, employment legislation.

Programmes will be delivered online through a combination of webcasts (live and pre-recorded) virtual classrooms and tutorials and eTutor support.

It is a requirement that you will have previously completed a Level 4 certification or equivalent and will have good computer skills with appropriate internet coverage.

Typical duration for each module is four months.

Early 2022

Upskilling and reskilling courses are subsidised and may be free depending on your skill level.

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