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Public Speaking (in partnership with Hellfire Toastmasters) Course Code: 40

We are delighted to present a course in Public Speaking, in partnership with Hellfire Toastmasters. The Course is aimed at those new to public speaking, as well as those looking to expand their existing ability. It will   provide students with the necessary skills to speak with confidence while engaging any audience. The elements of public speaking from crafting a speech, to engaging an audience will be explored.

While participants will be encouraged to participate as much as possible in a supportive and safe environment, at all times the participant may choose to speak as much or as little as they wish. Participants are welcome to join a weekly meeting of Hellfire Toastmasters Club, which will be held immediately after the scheduled course for no extra cost, giving participants a unique insight into the running of a Toastmasters meeting and the opportunity to hear some of the country’s most experienced Toastmasters in action.  At any point during the course, participants will also have the option to join Hellfire Toastmasters Club which is a fully affiliated club of Toastmasters International (a membership fee will apply).

Interior Design (Course Code: 41)

We are delighted to present our course in Interior Design, which will provide you with the necessary skills to create a cohesive and pleasing style for your home.  We will be exploring elements such as Colour techniques, making the best use of Lighting and choosing and sourcing Materials to name but a few, and we will help you build your confidence in bringing your ideas together through encouragement and close personal attention.

The Course is aimed at those new to the field of Interior Design, as well as those looking to expand their existing knowledge and flair, and will feature practical exercises along with theory making for a creative and stimulating environment that will appeal to anyone with an interest in style and inspiration.

The Creative Writing (Course Code: 42) course explores creativity along with structuring and editing work.  The focus will be on the essential ingredients of dramatic narrative: conflict, character, contrast, movement and theme. Short stories, novels, poetry, plays and film will be dealt with, as will comedy and children’s writing. People will be encouraged to develop strong individual writing styles and to produce at least one completed work.  You may opt to submit assessment work in order to achieve the QQI Level 5 Creative Writing 5N0690 Minor Award.

Screenwriting (Course Code: 43)

This practical and creative course will look at approaches to scriptwriting in terms of structures and practices. It will cover character development, and the importance of writing for a specific audience in the fields of TV, radio, internet, feature & Short Films. Participants will learn to draft and revise scripts, and will produce a portfolio of work, which may be submitted for QQI Level 5 Script Writing 5N1897 certification. Pitching a script will also be covered.

Bridge Beginners (Course Code: 44) is this term joined by Bridge Continuation Beginners (Course Code: 45).  Our tutor from the Bridge Association explains the rules of the game, as well as game strategies.  The social aspect of Bridge is stressed.  See Bridge  A game for life.

Code Course Day Time Fee Weeks Start Date
40 Public Speaking (Hellfire Toastmasters) Wed 7.00 – 8.00 €70 10 21-Sep
41 Interior Design Mon 6.00 – 9.00 €180 10 19-Sep
42 Creative Writing QQI Level 5 Tues 7.00-9.00 €150 10 20-Sep
43 Screenwriting QQI Level 5 Wed 7.00-9.00 €150 10 21-Sep
44 Bridge Beginners Wed 5.30 – 7.15 €90 10 21-Sep
45 Bridge Continuation Beginners Wed 7.15 – 9.00 €90 10 21-Sep


Classes for all evening courses will be delivered onsite for the September 2022 term

The safety of our learners and staff is paramount and the College will comply with any public health measures the Government may introduce to reduce the spread of COVID 19.

Course Payment

We are pleased to inform our learners that online enrolment and payment is now possible for our evening classes. This will be available through our college website, Postal enrolment and payment by cheque and postal order will continue to be accepted.

There will be no enrolment evenings this term.

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